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Company Saluds manufactures plastic and aluminium windows and doors, as well as carries out their installation. In recent years window manufacturers have taken a closer look at Scandinavia. Meanwhile Saluds has completed several objects in Norway. One of them is a winter garden inside the polar circle. Special, characteristic for Scandinavia windows opening outwards are offered for the Scandinavian market. When asked why in Scandinavia there is a demand for particularly this type of windows, Olegs Danilovs, a representative of Saluds, replies that they have such traditions in Norway. Ninety per cent of Norwegians opt for windows opening outwards.

Windows intended for the Scandinavian markare made of German REHAU profile systems. Applying REHAU PVC profile systems it is possible to make windows of almost any shape and configuration: rectangular, polygonal, round, arched at the same time maintaining high standards for thermal and sound insulation.

NORDIC DESIGN PLUS family of REHAU profiles is made of composite material. In many cases these windows can be made without the usual steel reinforcement. The advantage of such windows is that they better keep warmth indoors and, at the same time, do not lose other highly valued windows properties – stability, anti-burglary safety, wind resistance and weatherproofness in the rain. The raw material for these profiles is RAU-FIPRO – PVC (polyvinyl chloride) reinforced with glass fibre. The shape and functionality of NORDIC DESIGN PLUS profile is created particularly for the Scandinavian market, taking into account the construction traditions and design requirements.

Overall, Saluds offers for the Scandinavian market windows with five different types of opening, a common feature for all of them – the windows open outwards.

The windows are complemented with the fittings of a Norwegian company – Spilka. In standard version Glaskon glass packets made in Latvia with selective coating are installed in the windows. It is also possible to choose various decorative and special types of safety glasses. The windows can be purchased not only in traditional white colour. REHAU offers various solutions for profile design – over 250 texture and surface structures in adifferent shades. However, the Scandinavians are conservative also in this subject and mostly choose white windows.

In recent years good experience has been gained and stable contacts have been established with partners in Scandinavia. It allows to quickly and easily understand the wishes of Scandinavian customers in the field of windows and other glazed structures. Either they are simply windows for a social home, or fine and technically sophisticated winter gardens – SALUDS will manufacture and deliver them, install even at the northernmost point of Norway.

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