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Windows and doors significantly shape the image of a facade and give each building a unique touch. KALEIDO COLOR from REHAU offers you a huge selection of color and design variants, so that there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to the individual design of your property.

In addition to the color, the shape and size of the window and door elements also defines the style. Plastic profiles from REHAU open up design options that you may not even think of today. Systems made from innovative materials (such as GENEO from RAU ‑ FIPRO) can also be used to build sizes that were previously not possible using conventional methods.

100% REHAU quality

Before being used for the first time, all foils and varnishes are carefully analyzed, subjected to long-term tests and exposed to the highest loads. We only speak of REHAU quality when all tests have been passed. For you this means that you receive a product according to the highest industry standards, combined with the full guarantee of the manufacturer.