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PVC windows

PVC profile systems from REHAU – standard, and the sophisticated solutions to your windows.

From REHAU PVC profile systems we can be produced Windows in any shape and configuration: rectangular, polygonal, round, arc and combined with high heat and sound insulation. Windows are integrated with a fittings from the German companies: Winkthaus, GU (Gretsch-Unitas), Spilka or ROTO, that provide a variety of leaves and referral options for micro-ventilation. The standard version of the windows we install selective glass package, but can also choose the other, for example, different types of decorative glass. You cab buy Windows not only in the standart white color, but you can choose from the catalog another colors, as well as the profile of decorations.

PVC profile systems from REHAU

REHAU Euro-Design 70

REHAU Briliant-Design


REHAU S706 Fully reversible