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REHAU Lifting sliding door system

REHAU Lifting sliding door system

REHAU lifting sliding door system is designed to the Brillant Design-profile and Geneo base. By applying this system can realize a harmonious transition from living rooms to a balcony, terrace or conservatory. Due to the large area of glazing area becomes brighter, sliding system allows space to be used to increase functionality. Possibly incorporated into both new buildings and reconstructed homes. Elements of the system reaches a maximum width of 10 meters. Its compatible with, or by other REHAU window systems.

New – lifting sliding door system with Geneo profile


The new REHAU sliding doors:

– constructions with large glass areas
– excellent thermal insulation properties

– Material: RAU FIPRO of fiberglass reinforced PVH, RAU–PVC.
– Installation depth: frame/sash 203mm/86mm.
– Max package thickness: 53mm.
– Profile height: frame/sash 63mm/97mm.
– Number Chambers: 5 chamber.
– Max leaf weight: 400kg.
– Max sliding sash: 300cm x 270cm (platums x augstums).
– Thermal insulation coef.: Uf=1,3W/m2K, Uw= 0,8W/m2K.
– Resistance to wind load: to B3 class, LVS EN 12210.
– Water repellency: to 9A class, LVS EN 12208.
– Air permeability: 4 class, LVS EN 12207.
– Low threshold to prevent the movement of people with disabilities.

sliding door
system with

– Installation depth: 60 mm.
– Number Chambers: 2 leaf chamber, 4 chamber frame.
– Double door threshold.
– Design Airtight for the rain and heavy wind: to load class A.
– Protection against intrusion: up to class No. 2.
– A low threshold to prevent the movement of people with disabilities.

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